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Join us as we take you on the path to real communication with your beloved dog. Dogs talk and communicate all the time, but do you know what your dog is telling you? Does your dog understand you in turn?

The best way to get that conversation rolling is to learn how your dog "talks" via body language, sounds, and observations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the relationship of dogs and their humans via information, fun training tips, videos, and educational events.
The more we all know and care for our best friends, the better our lives and futures.

Superb article on service dog info and more - lots of pertinent answers for you! Click here.

This is a link to our other website, k9PAWS (k9 Partnering Animals With Services). There are great links to youtube videos, etc. on this page.

How I Met My Canine Career


I've been training dogs since I was 7 years old. My first dog, Lassie, was a border collie with a mind of her own, and ideas to match.

With patience and repetition for the both of us, we learned to "talk" without words. Hand signals, sounds, and more created our personal communication.

Since then, I have had the pleasure of many canine friends, some fosters, some my forever companions. I am currently training dogs to be service animals for the disabled, dogs for working in town and country, basic obedience 1,2,3, and the ever popular "party tricks" that are just for fun.  

My research of the field of the canine/human bond spans over 5 decades. I'll admit, I have had my share of errors and mistakes - but with that has come vast understanding and growth. It is very important to remember in your relationships that you and your dog are both learning about each other, and "slow" is the true "fast" in dog training.  

Once your canine friend really knows a command/communication, then he/she can do it, but not before.  
Now I'd like to share these tips and insights with you as you create your own communication with your very own canine friends.  Even if your canine does a behavior, it must be related to your request in order for the behavior/activity to be on command and not 'at will'.

Join us here for information, news, training tips, and maybe you will add a class or two as well.  Our goal is to facilitate your best life with your canine as companion, and much more.



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Organization News

Our Service Dog programs develop service animals to assist the disabled in their lives. We can help you determine the viability of your own pet as a service animal (dogs for now) as well as work with you to get your own "turn key" service dog - with your graduation team seminar.

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This is a link to purchase a dvd to train your dog in 5 days.  Basic commands, well worth the 5 minutes or so a day - the dogs learn really fast with this method, "Perfect paws in 5 days":

Call or email for further information:  719-258-8041

Or, call Colorado Service Dogs - that's where we got our training:  303-622-9382

We also recommend Colorado Service Dogs for the Denver area.