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Talking K9: the lingo of your dog and you.
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You can learn how to train your canine pal to have perfect paws in 5 days!

Each month, we offer a workshop on "Talking K9" for beginners.
We cover our 8-minute training program, the "perfect paws in 5 days" program, and membership videos.

The third Sunday of the month, we offer a free workshop to jump start you Perfect Paws relationship.
From 6-7 pm, we'll demo the great effect of clear communication with your dog, and let you try it out for yourself.

From then on, you are welcome to join our classes and practice sessions when you join as a member of Talking K9!  Our videos and text materials will be available at the free class, as well as on

ADI, Assistance Dogs International, is an organization dedicated to Assistance Dogs and has lots and lots of information. CLICK HERE TO VISIT ADI.

Dogs for Diabetics link!

Click here: COULD A DOG SAVE YOUR LIFE? A link to an article from the magazine "Diabetes Forecast" about the service dog/diabetic connection.

Wilderwood service dogs for Autism spectrum adults and children - click here.

Many service dogs are mutts, and they make wonderful partners in service.  For some service dogs, such as poodles, there may be a need for such a non allergy-causing dog.   In that case, only a purebred dog is an assurance of its breed qualities.  Any mixing of breeds carries the possibility of a 'wild hair' in its mix.

A note on the registration of dogs issue:

A fact about the AKC is that it enforces what is called the Frequently Used Sire Program ( male dogs who produce more than 3 litters in a single year or 7 in a lifetime). These stud dogs must have a DNA profile on record with the AKC. 

 The AKC can andwill disqualify a litter at any age and point in time if one of those puppies’ DNA anytime in the future is found to not match the recorded sire’s DNA.  Every time a DNA sample is submitted in this mandatory program, whether from a female or male dog, the DNA is compared to the DNA profile of that dog’s sire.  If the outcome shows that it is not possible that the sire listed could be the true father, then the entire litter, not just theone dog tested, loses it’s eligibility.  A sire dog can only have two such strikes on his record before being permanently disqualified from registration with the AKC along with any puppies produced in subsequent generations from the false litter(s).  This makes AKC breeders very careful that a female in heat only mates with the stud dog that they intend on registering as the sire, if not, they take the chance of losing their stud.  It’s called ACCOUNTABILITY.  There is no other registry that is this strict in the United States.  

Pet registries, on the other hand, have what is called voluntary compliance which means that a breeder is not forced to DNA any of their dogs.  It may be offered by the pet registry but it's not mandatory. 

Call today and reserve your spot!

You can learn how to train your canine pal to have perfect paws in 5 days!

Monument, CO:  1-719-258-8041

Click this text to jump to our Best Friends Canines/Best Friends Poodles website. Puppies, info, and more!

This is a link to purchase a dvd to train your dog in 5 days.  Basic commands, well worth the 5 minutes or so a day - the dogs learn really fast with this method, "Perfect paws in 5 days":

Call or email for further information:  719-258-8041

Or, call Colorado Service Dogs - that's where we got our training:  303-622-9382

We also recommend Colorado Service Dogs for the Denver area.