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Talking K9: the lingo of your dog and you.
Training better dogs
Getting a dog
Better dogs links

(This extra large text is used here to aid our visually impaired clients).

On this page, we have collected many links to help you on your human/canine connection and behaviors.  Just click the text and go to that site for details on the subject.  This is well worth your reading and watching.

Free valuable resouce articles and columns by leading dog behaviorist and breeding expert, Dr. Carmen Battaglia:

#1 Breeding better dogs, by Dr. Carmen Battaglia.

#2 (FULL TEXT as PDF): Developing your dog's hidden resources: Early neurological stimulation and your dog.

Below are some links from our favorite dog training mentor, Dr. Ian Dunbar:

Dog workshop 1

Dog workshop 2

Boundary training: the permission zones.

Fun stuff that also improves your/your dog's quality of life:

Massage to relieve stress/calm your dog (and you).

Massage for the hyper/temperamental/fussy dog.

Click this text for a website for Autism Service Dogs for Adults or Children.

After decades of research and reporting, Janet Sellers has compiled this listing and reference to help you get the most out of your human/canine/animal relationships.

Click this text to jump to our Best Friends Canines/Best Friends Poodles website. Puppies, info, and more!

This is a link to purchase a dvd to train your dog in 5 days.  Basic commands, well worth the 5 minutes or so a day - the dogs learn really fast with this method, "Perfect paws in 5 days":

Call or email for further information:  719-258-8041

Or, call Colorado Service Dogs - that's where we got our training:  303-622-9382

We also recommend Colorado Service Dogs for the Denver area.