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Talking K9: the lingo of your dog and you.
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Owner-trained service animals are possible, with careful attention to the details that you will need to address.  This page is about getting the materials you will need to fulfill your training with your service partner - the dog, horse, bird, or what ever animal will be your service animal partner.

How to know you are ready to begin with your service team partnership.

This is the simplest, quickest way to get a new dog to relate to commands in terms of obedience.  In just five days, you and your dog can learn skills together that will help you the rest of your lives.

Below are links to buy books and videos designed to show you how to work with your dog to become a service partner.  

It is strongly recommended that you have both these videos and the accompanying books/manuals for optimal success.

Book and Video 1 are about the all-important first steps in training your dog to be ready to do the next phase in training.

Book and Video 2 are hands-on practice and skills to learn to be the best team you can be.  

Click here for top favorite DVD videos for becoming an owner-trained service team!

Service animals are a huge help to their humans, and add tremendously to the quality of life for the disabled. While persons with physical disabilities have many organizations and sources of funding to help them, the waiting list is often over 2-7 years, and even longer waits/harder to find sources for those persons with the 'invisible disability' of PTSD, agoraphobia, panic disorder, autism, and so on. Programs for owner-trained service animals and their handlers (owners) are becoming more and more in demand, given that agency trained animals cost upwards of $20-30K each, and will need to be replaced at least each decade of the handler's life. Unfortunately, since there is no standard of quality and no legal certification for service animals, anybody can claim to offer this service, charge fees as they please, and offer phony certifications. Given the preciosity of the situation, it is more than a 'buyer beware' situation for the disabled. My websites are an effort to keep the line clear for the disabled to learn to determine the truly able trainers who can offer what I call a "bomb proof" service dog, and not just a mere obedience course that shows off skills under controlled circumstances. Also, just because a 'trainer' has charged a fee and did some time with the animal does not mean the animal is service-worthy. Using a service or program that is owner-focused, often with one's own pet, specially reared dogs, and even dogs from shelters, offers a more cost effective, speedy and rewarding solution for many. The caveat here is that the owner must have the ability to make sure the service animal is truly properly trained, and for that, professional guidance is worthy of note.The TOPDOG series of videos for service animals is superb, and they go with the books/training manuals. They are available online at both my websites on the bookstore links there. I get so many questions and requests for information, I've created 2 websites with programs to help answer these needs. The US Department of Justice has access guidelines for public places to follow, and some federal buildings/places have their own specific guidelines that differ from the commercial ones. I address these issues and more on my websites.

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This is a link to purchase a dvd to train your dog in 5 days.  Basic commands, well worth the 5 minutes or so a day - the dogs learn really fast with this method, "Perfect paws in 5 days":

Call or email for further information:  719-258-8041

Or, call Colorado Service Dogs - that's where we got our training:  303-622-9382

We also recommend Colorado Service Dogs for the Denver area.